Maroc O League

The Maroc Club Championship league that is held over a series of events in the North East.

01st Nov 10

How the League works

The 2011 Maroc Club Championship league will be held over a series of 10 events in the North East. Points are awarded according to each runners times in the course they chose on the day. Points are totalled, with the top 5 scores counting towards the final championship results.

2011 Events

20th Feb Bogendreip
13th Mar Scolty
27th March Redburn
17th April Bennachie (GRAMP)
5th June Balmedie (GRAMP)
26th June Ballogie
21st August Corsedardar
4th Sept Crathes (GRAMP)
30th October Inver
13th November Raemoir (GRAMP)


League Rules

  1. The League is restricted to Maroc members.
  2. The League will be run over 10 events, with the best 5 scores counting for each runner.
  3. Within each event, the Maroc member who is highest placed for each course will be awarded points as follows: white 200
    yellow 300
    orange 400
    light green 500
    green 600
    blue 700
    brown 800
  4. Points for all other Maroc runners will be awarded using the formula:
    score = [(Maroc winner's time) / (Maroc runner's time)] * (maximum course points)
  5. Divisions (Junior and Senior, male and female) will be used to decide on Championship Positions. This year to try to improve the balancing of results, individual totals will be modified according to the following formula.
    10 +100%
    12 +50%
    14 +32%
    16 +0%
    18 +0%
    20 +0%
    21 +0%
    35 +0%
    40 +0%
    45 +0%
    50 +10%
    55 +15%
    60 +20%
    65 +25%
    70 +80%
    75+ +100%
    Half points for shadowed or paired run.

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