MAROC events

Neighbouring clubs events

Forthcoming fixtures can also be viewed via Ollie O'Brien's UK Orienteering Fixtures Map (here centred on AB34, Aboyne).

Grampian Orienteers (GRAMP) website

Badenoch & Strathspey Orienteering Club (BASOC) website

Moravian Orienteers (MOR) website

Inverness Orienteers (INVOC) website

Tayside Orienteers (TAY) website

Links below will open the event details on the British Orienteering website in a new tab or window.

An explanation of how events are graded:

  • Major - Major national championships eg Scottish Champs, British Champs etc. (attendances often 1,000+)
  • National - Large high quality competitions such as the Scottish O League (attendances often 300/400+)
  • Regional - Medium sized events with a wide selection of courses - tend to attract reasonable numbers of people from other clubs (attendances 100-250)
  • Local - Local events with fewer courses and more informal organisation. Usually aimed at members of the host club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs. Usually ideal for newcomers to try the sport.