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Coronavirus and Orienteering

We are all aware of the ongoing coronavirus situation.  I am reproducing here the recent communication from British Orienteering - we have been requested to cancel all events for the next 12 weeks and the events at Tillyfourie, Redburn and Sluie have now been removed from the events list.

Full statement below.

18th Mar 20   Read more…

Club Coach Information

Maroc organises regular training sessions for all club members. The sessions involve technical exercises designed to practice different skills and techniques required in orienteering. Participants are allocated to a small group according to their age and experience with each group led by a qualified coach.

The club has quite a large pool of coaches, but is always looking for more people interested in being trained. Current coaches are listed below. 

13th Dec 17

Sarah Dunn

Sarah Dunn is a UKCC Level 3 qualified coach. She is also a qualified coach education tutor. Sarah has worked with athletes at all levels from complete novices in schools to elite athletes competing at an international level. She particularly enjoys leading sessions with Maroc's Talent Squad of 15-18 year olds. Sarah also leads a primary age after-school club in Aboyne on a regular basis.

11th Dec 17

Jon Musgrave

Jon Musgrave is a BOF Level 5 qualified coach as well as a qualified tutor and assessor for UKCC courses. Jon started coaching back in the stone age (c 1987) and has coached all levels from the British team at the World Championships to adult and junior beginners. Jon enjoys planning and leading TD5 training in technical areas.  He has gained most pleasure from coaching on the original NEDS (now SEDS) programme which was aimed at preparing young potential team members for WOC 1999. He also enjoys supporting the Maroc Talent Squad.

11th Dec 17

Trevor Ricketts

Trevor qualified as a 1st4sport and BOF Level 2 coach in 2007, which is now considered to be equivalent to UKCC Level 1. Trevor has coached with Maroc at all levels since then and has occasionally helped with coaching Scotjos. In addition to coaching at any level, Trevor is keen to support new coaches in delivering training sessions.

11th Dec 17

Roger Coombs

Roger Coombs is a UKCC Level 1 qualified coach. Roger has been coaching for many years, starting with involvement through his own three, now grown-up, children, who each reached junior international standard. He also spent many years assisting with the Scottish Junior Orienteering Squad. Roger also coaches with Aboyne Academy’s Run Club. His main interest now is in helping at a TD4 and TD5 level and in promoting a love of off-road running of all types in Scotland.

11th Dec 17

Nick Collins

Nick Collins is a UKCC Level 1 qualified coach.  He has been helping out with orienteering coaching since 2016 and brings some cross-disciplinary experience from teaching canoeing, kayaking and climbing in the past. Nick is happy to help in any role but has recently been working with the TD3 and TD4 squads.

11th Dec 17

Sue Barrie

Sue is a UKCC level 1 orienteering coach. As a parent of teenage children, Sue is enthusiastic about the many benefits of orienteering to young people, and is keen to provide opportunites for more children to take part. She currently coaches up to TD3 (orange) standard, enjoying giving newcomers the skills to complete their first course.

11th Dec 17

Nicky Glendinning

Nicky has taken a Coaching Foundation course in 2017, and helps out with the younger beginners.  She became involved with helping out at Maroc as a parent.  Her own orienteering experience is mainly an enjoyable walk with the dog around the easier courses!

11th Dec 17

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