Maroc MapRun Madness Week 4

Haughton and Murray, Alford

Meet at 6:30pm Mon 23rd July at north car park, Haughton Park, Alford for group session

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22nd Jul 18

Mapfile for week 4 course for printing. It is recommended to navigate using a paper map; control locations on the mobile version may be slightly off-centred and once you have got the app started the best place for your phone is in a pocket or similar.

Download event MMM4a PZ1422072018 PXAC from MapRun app "Select Event", MR UK, MR Scotland, Maroc

Course length 3.1km straight line, ~3.8km optimal distance, TD3 (orange) standard.

You might find one or two of the controls in the trees take a wee while to register - believe in yourself and stand still for a second or two!

Once you have finished (even if you only do part of the course) don't forget to click on "Upload Result" as this will let me know how many people are giving the app a try. If you want to wait until you get home then you will find your trace in "Show Results", "My Results". Then you can go back into the event to upload. Any requests for "reinstatement", just drop Sarah an email - and if you have an alternative gps trace then send it too.

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