Maroc MapRun Madness

Each week over the summer holidays we will be launching a new MapRun virtual orienteering course which you can go and run either on your own (at any time) or with a group. For those that like the idea of some company there will be a meeting point arranged every Monday evening where you can get together to make it a bit more social. The idea of the MMM is to get out there and have some fun whilst hopefully doing some useful (physical and technical) training at the same time. The areas will be primarily urban and / or open and the courses will be set at a maximum technical level of TD3 (orange equivalent).

29th Jun 18

The courses will use the smartphone MapRun app explained here. Each week a new course will be revealed. You will need to download and print off a copy of the .pdf map file, if you don't want to rely on the electronic version on your phone. Once you have completed the course you can save your results to the event results table and at the end of the school summer holidays (Aug 20th) we will calculate some league scores to find the overall winners of MMM 2018. All of the courses will use maps within the broad Maroc "catchment" area covering all of Deeside and possibly over to Donside also.

MMM courses now available for download:

MMM1 - Banchory east

MMM2 - Ballater

MMM3 - Tom's Cairn, Corsedarder

MMM4 - Murray and Haughton, Alford

MMM5 - Glen Davan

MMM6 - Aboyne

MMM7 - Banchory west

Once a course has been opened it can be completed at any time and as many times as you like. At the end of the series your fastest time will be used to calculate your event position.

Once you have finished running (even if you only do part of the course) don't forget to click on "Upload Result" as this will let me know how many people are giving the app a try. If you want to wait until you get home then you will find your trace in "Show Results", "My Results". Then you can go back into the event to upload. Should you have any problems with the App mal-functioning then you are encourged to record your route using some alternative gps and to submit your completed route to myself (Sarah) for inclusion in the results. Any controls which failed to register using the app but were clearly visited will also be reinstated.

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