Deeside Temporary Orienteering Courses - from 13th July

Starting with Potarch from Monday 13th July, there will be a new Deeside forest map every two weeks with Temporary Courses to run as you wish; socially distanced in your own time.

There will be no control kites or timing equipment but the control locations, including start and finish will be marked by clear red and white tape.

This is the first tentative step back into the forest. The SOA is working very hard with SportScotland on our behalf to define the criteria to be met for our second step which will be the resumption of Local Events. It comes at the time of the year when we don’t traditionally have events due to the holidays and the high ground vegetation, so it may be September before this happens. In the meantime, enjoy our temporary courses.

Talking of high vegetation, now is the season when ticks are most active in our forests, always with the threat of Lyme Disease. If you are out running, at Potarch for example, always take care to have full leg cover (no gaps!) and check for ticks when you finish.

Separate articles will be published for each temporary course, with more detail and a link for download of course maps.

10th Jul 20

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