Deeside Night Cup Organisers Notes

MAROC/GRAMP Night Series

Notes for planner/organisers and participants

21st Oct 15

MAROC/GRAMP Night Series

Notes for planner/organisers and participants


Each event has 2 courses:

• Deeside Night Cup – 4-6km

• Mini Night Cup – 2.5-3.5km

Both should be as technically challenging as possible (no concessions to darkness!)


• Format can be anything, but a 2 loop system keeps the area needed smaller

(saving time in hanging/collecting controls!). Also reduces area for searching if competitor is late.

Starts -1800 - 1900 (later at planner’s discretion). Please try to arrive early as the

planners may need to collect the controls after all the runners have finished and they

want to get home before midnight!

Two notes for planners:

Numbers - Overprint up to 25 long course maps and 30 medium course maps.

Controls -Maroc & Gramp each have 27 reflector controls. Maroc Emit numbers on separate page of Maroc website page).



£5.00 senior, £2.50 junior


And finally…

Planner should have a first aid kit, mobile phone (number printed on maps), sleeping

bag, extra torches and warm clothing available in their car (never used in anger

during over 12 years of DNC). If weather is bad, the planner can insist that competitors carry a cagoule.

Participants MUST carry a spare torch.  Participants please remember the sensible things like taking a whistle, adequate clothing, cutting short if running too late…

Remember that orienteering – even in daylight – has inherent risks. At night these risks are increased. By entering these events you are accepting responsibility for your own safety.



DNC emergency plan

On hearing of a competitor injured in the forest the organiser will gather as much information as possible about location, injury, state of person etc.


The organiser will gather at least 2 competent orienteers and send them with dry, warm clothing and a first aid kit to the injured person.


The organiser will decide whether the injured person can be evacuated by orienteers or if mountain rescue need to be called.


If self-evacuation is possible the injured person will be taken out of the forest and a report made on the incident form.


If further assistance is needed, call 999 and ask for mountain rescue and then police.  Give GR of car park and wait for them to arrive.


If a competitor is overtime then organiser shall ask a competitor to check the last few controls for the missing person.  If they still do not turn up, then the organiser shall phone the mountain rescue & police.  Give GR of carpark and wait for them to arrive.


Once mountain rescue and police have arrived give as much info as possible - competitor name, age, experience, copy of course, any sightings of them by other competitors.  offer advice when asked for it.


Jon Musgrave October 2015

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