Club Constitution

Mar Orienteering Club Constitution

Version 3 January 2018

30th Jan 18


1. Name

The Club shall be called Mar Orienteering Club, MAROC for short.

2. Objects

The Objects of the Club shall be to encourage the participation in and practice of the sport of orienteering principally in the rural areas covered by Aberdeenshire Council.

3. Membership

Membership is open to all and no application for membership will be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There will be no discrimination on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, political or other opinion.

Membership categories are as defined by the British Orienteering Federation:

  • • Senior; aged 21 or older on 31st December of the membership year
  • • Junior; aged 20 or younger on 31st December of the membership year

Members are entitled to affiliate to the British Orienteering Federation and/or the Scottish Orienteering Association through the Club. Membership thereof is required for certain competitions, and membership dues in respect thereof shall normally be payable at the same time as the Club membership but shall not affect rights in respect of the Club. All members shall be entitled to vote on club matters.

Membership fees shall be as agreed at each Annual General Meeting based on proposals to be in the hands of the Secretary no later than the commencement of the meeting. Any Member not paying by twenty-eighth February in any Club financial year may be deemed to have resigned.


4. Management

The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by a Committee of four Officers of the Club plus up to five other members of whom at least one shall be a junior member, all of whom shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  In addition there may be an honorary president or presidents who shall be elected for life.  If the post of any officer or other Committee member shall be unfilled between elections, the Committee shall have power to co-opt to fill the vacancy.  The Officers of the Club shall be the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and who shall be eligible for re-election.  All Committee Members shall be Members of the Club.

MAROC will fully comply with the rules and policies of the sport’s governing bodies: the British Orienteering Federation and Scottish Orienteering Association.


5. Meetings

An Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of November or December each year.  All Club Members shall be informed in writing of any General Meeting at least fourteen days in advance.  Notice of any proposed change in the constitution shall be given along with notice of the meeting.  Persons who have attended at least two events of the Club shall be entitled to attend, but only Members shall be entitled to vote.  Each Member shall vote personally and not by proxy.  In the event of a tie on any matter, the President shall have a casting as well as a deliberative vote.  The quorum at any General Meeting shall be eight Members.
Business at the Annual General Meeting shall include:

  • • Approval of the Minutes of the previous year’s AGM
  • • Reports from the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer.
  • • Approval of the Annual Accounts.
  • • Election of the Committee
  • • Any other competent business.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called on the application in writing to the Secretary signed by six or more Members of the Club.  The Committee shall also have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting by a decision of a simple majority of its members.


6. Changes to the Constitution

Alterations to the constitution shall be by a simple majority at the AGM or EGM and notice of the intended alterations shall be in the hands of the Secretary at least twenty-one days before the meeting.


7. Finance and Accounts

The Club financial year shall run from first November to thirty-first October in each year.
The annual accounts shall be circulated to Members at or before the Annual General Meeting and shall be approved at the Annual General Meeting.
All cheques shall be signed by any two of the Officers of the Club.
All Senior Members of the Club shall be considered jointly and severally liable for the financial liabilities of the Club.


8. Dissolution

If, upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club, there remains after the satisfaction of all the Club’s debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall be given or transferred to some other organisation or organisations having objects (that is, aims and activities) similar to the objects of the Club, such organisation or organisations to be determined by the members of the Club by Resolution passed at a General meeting at or before the time of the dissolution, and in so far as effect cannot be given to such provision then to some charitable objects.


9. Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

The Club shall adopt the 'British Orienteering Child Welfare Policy and Procedures'.

All individuals involved in Orienteering through the Club at every level, including participants, Officials, Instructors/Coaches, Administrators, Club Officials or spectators (where it is feasible to manage) agree to abide by the British Orienteering Code of Ethics and Conduct ("Code") and all such individuals participating or being involved in orienteering through the Club in one of the aforementioned roles or in a role which comes within the intended ambit of this paragraph and the 'British Orienteering Child Welfare Policy and Procedures' generally are deemed to have assented to and as such recognise and adhere to the principles and responsibilities embodied in the Code.

Each and every constituent member of the Club shall be responsible for the implementation of the 'British Orienteering Child Welfare Policy and Procedures' in relation to their members.


10. Child Protection

The Club shall appoint a Child Protection Officer whose responsibility it will be to keep a copy of the Scottish Orienteering Association Policy Document on Child Protection and to ensure that the policy is applied by the club.


11. Data Protection

The Club shall hold a copy of the Scottish Orienteering Association Policy Document Data Protection and shall implement it.


12. Omissions

The Committee shall have the power to act on any matters not covered by the Constitution.

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