Phot-O Pudding Shaker, Haughton

Sun 29th Dec 2013

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Info updated: 09th Mar


The Pudding Shaker was certainly a great chance to get all the family out the house for fresh air and fun…and something very different. Thanks John et al…and for the chocolates. 

Organisers Comments: Results attached, sorted by # of controls found / Secret Code unravelled / time taken… so congratulations to Callum who appears to have been a nose ahead this time…  however, you’ll have noticed that a certain amount of collaboration and educated guesswork can be beneficial in Phot-O… and apologies for the killer control, #19, which was a photo of a photo of a truck crossing the old bridge over the Don - to be found on the information board at the control site.   

Planner’s comments: thanks to everyone for coming along today, hopefully you enjoyed a different format. Let me know if you would like a spare map - I’ve a few left.

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Nearest town: Alford, Scotland

Pre Event Info

The Pudding Shaker is a great chance to get all the family out the house for fresh air and fun. Phot-O orienteering is a cross between a SCORE event and I-Spy, with younger people often being at an advantage over grown-ups. Just like a SCORE event, you visit the controls on the map in any order, but take a PEN instead of a compass, and at each control location you won't find an EMIT unit or a kite.  
To 'punch' the control you need eagle-eyes; look at all the photos surrounding the map, and pick the one that matches something you can see at the control site. Now write the control number onto the photo and move onto another control site.
There's a secret message to decipher if you correctly identify every photo. Finishers with the secret message will win prizes.

Keen runners are welcome to treat the Phot-O as a serious fast SCORE event, but Phot-O is not yet officially recognised by the IOF and winning the Phot-O will not change your world ranking position.

Control sites are in both Haughton Park and Murray Park. (Murray Park is on the west side of the minor road). The only access to and from Murray Park is using the underpass. The road is out of bounds for all competitors.   

Phot-O is intended to be largely a fun event, with extra prizes available for the best Santa hat / Rudolph outfit  etc.

It would help with ordering the right number of maps if you could pre-enter by sending an email to with your name and BOF number.  Please put EEE PhotO in the subject line for the email. EEE is entirely on a "no obligation" basis and no charge will be made if you cannot come to the event.

To give you an example of 'punching', the phot-O below shows a small post found at control number 24. Write the control number in the top right hand box. The letter 'm' is part of the secret message. 

Directions / Parking

Ample parking in Haughton Park. Look for the Maroc flag.

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Timing will be by EMIT brikke

Please note that lost brikkes will be charged for at £45 unless the Club Commitee agrees there are special circumstances.


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