Level C, Alt Cailleach, 11th March 2012

Alt Cailleach is a lovely spot for orienteering just outside Ballater with beautiful views.  It was last used at the Scottish Six Days in 2005.

Map is 1:10,000 scale, 5m contours for all competitors.  Surveyed for 6-Days in 2005 and minor revision to show vegetation changes and some larger patches of windblow in Feb 2012.

There are many areas with trees blown over from recent storms.  Significant areas have been marked with green stripes or "impenetrable vegetation" symbols.  There are other unmapped individual trees down.  Parts of the area are rough and heavy going, other sections are quick and clean underfoot.White and Yellow course - the run in from the last control comes along a forest road past the first control and the start - there will be some tapes, but please keep to the right both at start and on way to finish in order to reduce chance of collisions.

The white course follows a ruined wall for two of the legs - this will be marked with red/white streamers.

Courses from Light Green upwards cross various fences. The course is drawn so as to use crossing points.  These are the only ones available and MUST be used.

Public roads are out of bounds to competitors.  They are marked on the map and anyone spotted using them will be disqualified.

Some courses cross the entry track into the forest where cars are entering and parking.  Please take care when driving into the area.

Entry details:
If you think that you are probably coming to the event, and have a fair idea of which course you would like to run, please email your name, BOF number and course to: EEE@marocscotland.org.uk , by 4pm on Saturday 10th March

To help us filter the emails, please put EEE in the subject line for the email.
For those who send in an early email entry, you just come to registration at the event, pay for your run and pick up a timing brikke. (There is no need to complete an entry slip.) A map will be reserved for you up till 12 noon on Sunday.

Please note that this is not a full Pre-entry. It's entirely on a "no obligation" basis and no charge will be made if you cannot come to the event. No money is being taken in advance. This is simply a way of simplifying and speeding up the process of runner registration.


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Fixture location


Nearest town: Ballater

  • Grid Ref: NO346935
  • Postcode: AB35 5ST
  • Latitude: 57.021316
  • Longitude: -3.080829
  • Google Map - Bing Map


  • Planner: David Hirst
  • Organiser: Fran Getliff
  • Controller: Jon Musgrave


White to Brown

General info:

  • Level of event: District (C)
  • JD2C Event: Yes
  • Timing: Emit
  • Organizing club: Maroc
  • Dogs: On leads in car park & assembly area only

Entry details:


£2.50 for juniors/students
£5.00 for Seniors (BOF members)
£7.00 for Seniors (not BOF members)

Entry: On the day

About the area/map

Allt Cailleach

Mixed woodland close to Birkhall

Allt Cailleach,

Allt Cailleach


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