Shooting Greens

Sun 26th Feb 2017

Type of event: Local-(D)

Low key level D event

3 courses, white/yellow, orange/light green, green / blue

Terrain is open, runnable pine forest with some windblow but courses generally avoid worst areas.

Please note that tracks and paths are used by mountain bikers, so runners (especially on Short Course) should be aware. We will place warning notices to alert bikers leaving the car park of the presence of orienteers.

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Deeside night cup - Glen o Dee

Wed 15th Feb 2017

Type of event: Night


Last in the Deeside night cup series.  Parking and registration will be outside the pavilion at Burnett Park.  There is a short 400m warm-up to the start.

Meal and prize giving will be at the Tor-an-Coille from 7:30.

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Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2017

Rules and events list for the 2017 JD2C.  On the events list there are a few things to confirm, so look out for further updates.

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GRAMP event at Balmedie 5th February

The next Sunday event from GRAMP is a middle distance race at Balmedie with yellow, light green, green and blue courses.

On the blue and green courses, they've added a twist: two or three of the controls will have no control code provided, so you’ll have to find the correct control unit purely from the map and control description.  There will be several false controls placed nearby to try to confuse you! … and each time you punch a wrong control, a 3 minute time penalty will be applied.

Full details on the GRAMP website.

26th Jan 17

Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup Standings

First posting of JD2C standings for 2017, after the first event of the year at Glen O'Dee.

19th Jan 17

Junior Colour and Participation Badges

First update in 2017 to the Junior Colour and Participation badges following the event at Glen O'Dee.

13th Jan 17

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