Glen Davan, 7th December 2011

Deeside Night Cup Race 3:
Thanks to all those who turned up (27 including shadower) and made going out in the gale this morning worthwhile.
Some excellent performances for what were surprisingly complex courses within a compact area, especially when planning had to keep everyone away from the marshes.  The number of controls scattered around was potentially confusing and caught out Gary and Steve.  Many also remarked on the difficulty in keeping correctly orientated when the directions were constantly changing within short distances. Apologies to Frances for having two controls on similar boulders so close together.  Technically this was permissible at 54 metres on a 5000 scale map, but it wasn't good planning on my part - sorry!

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Glen Davan

Very small, largely semi-open area close to Logie Coldstone and Redburn

Glen Davan,

Glen Davan

Glen Davan in snow,

Glen Davan in snow


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