River Dee Novice MapRun

River Dee Novice MapRun

River Dee Novice MapRun

MapRunF is an orienteering smartphone app that allows you to take part in virtual orienteering courses which are set up all across Scotland. Maroc has now set up a special set of novice courses in accessible locations across Deeside suitable for anyone to try.

24th Jul 20

Orienteering is a great socially-distanced, fun, outdoor activity that can appeal to all ages and different types of people. You can use the MapRunF app as a focus for a family walk (a bit like geo-caching), an exercise to practice your navigation skills, or as an opportunity to run hard and see how competitive you can be against other people.

Mar Orienteering Club has set up a series of novice MapRun courses in parks and recreational areas all along the Dee and we would like to invite anyone and everyone to have a go at completing the courses.

You can download the MapRunF app (v 4.8.8 or above) to your smartphone from your phone app store. The novice courses can be found in the MapRunF event directory under the following folder: UK/Scotland/Maroc/River Dee Novice

The following novice courses are available:

1.     Burnett Park, Banchory. The course starts by the sports pavilion in the Burnett park and follows a route around the park and out into some neighbouring streets, before finishing back by the pavilion again.  It is a straight line distance of 1.4km, but you will need to go a bit further than that to reach all of the control points.

2.     Torphins Park. The course starts at the edge of the car park next to the pavilion and criss-crosses the park before taking a loop out through some fields and back through the village. It is a straight line distance of 1.5km.

3.     Aboyne Green. The course starts near the car park by the play area. After criss-crossing the green it goes through some back streets and then down to the river bank, before returning across the green. It is a straight line distance of 1.7km.

4.     Ballater Station. The course starts by the old station and then heads round the edge of the Games field before returning through some quiet back streets to the station square. It is a straight line distance of 1.2km.

5.     Potarch Green. The course starts on the edge pf the car park and heads out along the Deeside Way, before looping back on smaller paths through the woodland to the Green. It is a straight line distance of 1.7km.

6.     Tarland. Course Coming Soon.
7.     Deeside Activity Park. Course Coming Soon.
8.     Burn o’ Vat. Course Coming Soon.
9.     Banchory School. Course Coming Soon.
10.    Aboyne School. Course Coming Soon.

There is lots more information about How to Use MapRunF, available on the Scottish Orienteering website (add link). You can also download a pdf copy of the course map from here, which will allow you to navigate using a traditional paper map whilst you can tuck your phone safely away in a pocket to record where you have been.

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