Permanent Orienteering Courses

Please note that all of our permanent orienteering courses were damaged in the storms of 2021-22 and are not currently available. 

Can’t wait until the next event? Or would you like some more practice to climb up those results lists? Have a go at one of our semi-permanent courses in Deeside. Currently in 4 areas, there are suggested courses of short, medium and long at each. Controls will be moved once or twice a year so you can go back and have a different challenge. 3 of the courses are now also equipped with QR codes and you can use your mobile phone instead of a paper map.

There are two ways of using the courses:

1. By downloading and printing off a paper map

You will need to register, providing an email address for contact purposes. This is so we can inform you when the courses are changed, any updates to the map through potential forestry work or any other relevant information regarding the courses. We may occasionally email you with details of local events, but we won’t bombard you! You will always have the opportunity to unregister from emails.

2. Using a mobile phone app called MOBO

The mobile phone tool and app can be accessed from here. You will first need to download the app and then you should find our courses at Bell Wood, Creag Choinnich and Dess listed under "Other". Knockburn Loch does not have the MOBO facility set-up. You can use your phone to download the orienteering map and navigate with it using the in-built compass and a zoom facility. At each of the control points you can "Punch" the control by pointing your phone at the QR code. This will register your visit on the MOBO website. It is recommended that you download the map using wifi before you start.

Please choose a course relative to your own ability, on the technical difficulty scale (1=easy to 5= hard), the short course is approx. TD2, the middle course is approx. TD3 and the long is approx. TD5. Ensure you are suitably clothed, including decent trail/running shoes and exercise within your limits.

If you suspect any controls have been removed please let us know:
We hope you enjoy your experience, any feedback would be welcome.

We are grateful to support from Scottish Orienteering, Mary Salmond Trust and British Orienteering in order to make these courses available, in return we need to give them feedback on how successful this venture is, by registering, we are assuming you are at least interested in having a go.

*You take part at your own risk
*Enjoy this activity in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code:

Torphins Park POC

Permanent Orienteering Course in Torphins Park, 11 controls.

28th Jan 24

Torphins North POC

Permanent Orienteering Course in Torphins, 3.5 km long, 11 controls.

28th Jan 24

Dess POC

COURSE temporarily closed due to forestry work. We hope to re-plan and re-launch in autumn 2018

A forested hill, offering many tracks for the easier courses and interesting contour detail for the harder ones. Parking is at the Deeside Activity Park, where you can find refreshments after your run.

Mobile phone orienteering is now available at Dess

18th Jun 18   Read more…

Linn of Dee POC

The Permanent Orienteering course at Linn of Dee has been designed to give you an opportunity to explore some stunning highland scenery whilst at the same time practising your navigational skills. The course is ideal for families and groups and offers two levels of length and difficulty.

17th May 18   Read more…

Creag Choinnich POC

Situated in Braemar, Creag Choinnich has a variety of terrain, from the intricate path network near to the start and the detailed slope at the far end of the course making for challenging courses for all.

Mobile phone orienteering is now available at Creag Choinnich.

25th May 13   Read more…

Knockburn Loch POC

Knockburn Loch is an enclosed area used for various sporting events and as such offers great training for children and newcomers. For the more experienced the constant changes of direction and mixture of park and woodland makes for a fun, short course.

25th May 13   Read more…

Bell Wood POC

Bell Wood is a runnable woodland, with many vegetation features and some contour detail. There is a good network of paths. The car park is just off Bell Wood Drive to the east side of Aboyne.

Mobile phone orienteering is now available at Bell Wood

Apparently there are currently a couple of controls missing at Bellwood at the moment - we are in the process of a revamp and will publicise via this page when complete.

25th May 13

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