Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2018

I'm sure the sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed some people in the wrong age categories in the previously published standings!  Here is a revision of the standings, hopefully with the correct age categories for everyone this time: JD2C standings.  Further update after the Shooting Greens event to follow soon...

Results in italics indicate that the competitor was shadowed and score half points.  The coordinator has asked that people get in touch if the status (shadowed or not shadowed) is incorrect for your family members.

18th Feb 18

The JD2C competition is for juniors from GRAMP and MAROC up to M/W16, with prize giving at the GRAMP and MAROC AGMs at the end of the year.

Here is a preliminary schedule and rules for the Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2018.  Whilst we are only showing 6 events in this preliminary schedule, MAROC are planning a further 6 eligible events this year so we do expect to run the full schedule of 10 events this year.

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