How to run a DNC event during covid-19

These documents provide a how to guide on running a DNC event with safety precautions for covid-19.

The overall guideline to running the DNC event (read this first):

DNC notes for planners 21Nov2020

The specific guide on how to use SiTiming for DNC events:

Using SiTiming for DNC events Nov2020

How to export competitors from google forms for a start list:

How to Export entries from Google Forms for start list Nov2020

Further resources are available on the page ‘Information sources for Event Officials’ on the SOA website, including BOF Risk Assessment form and Rescue Plan (template) referred to below.

Also see this link for help videos on how to use SiTiming.

These help videos may also be found on the Maroc laptops.

05th Feb 21

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