How to orienteer online series

Jenny presented a great series for the last few weeks about how to orienteer. Now you can find the series in one place.

07th Apr 24

The series breaks down the process of orienteering and talks about the different skills and techniques required to successfully navigate, using lots of examples from Deeside.


How to orienteer webinar series
Session Content
Session 1 Line features as handrails, Attack points, Aiming off, Catching features
Session 2 Using contours as line features, Contouring, Traffic lighting, Simplification
Session 3 Plan
Session 4 Picture, Direction, Distance and Relocation

Following on from the online series of how to orienteer, the pdf files of the presentations and video recordings can be found here:


Presentation materials
Webinar PDFs Recordings
PDF 1 Video 1
PDF 2 Video 2
PDF 3 Video 3
PDF 4 Video 4

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