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MAROC Brikkes Inventory

Details of MAROC's Brikke holding

28th Mar 17

MAROC Emit Inventory

Details of MAROCs Emit holding 

12th Jul 16   Read more…

MAROC Map Files

MAROC Ocad Map files can be found here

12th Nov 15

Deeside Night Cup Organisers Notes

MAROC/GRAMP Night Series

Notes for planner/organisers and participants

21st Oct 15   Read more…

Training Kite Codes

List of the currently available codes.

12th Jan 15

Reminder to MAROC Event Organisers

Andy Tivendale has taken over the role of MAROC Results Secretary. Organisers, please send Andy a .csv file of the results as soon as possible after the event.

24th Sep 14

2013 Entry Fees for MAROC Events

Level C, previously called District events: (£7 non-BOF)  £5 Senior / £2.50 Junior
Level D, previously called Local events: £4 Senior / £2.50 Junior
Adults up to Light Green: £2.50
Deeside Night Cup & Forest Sprints: £4 Senior/ £2.50 Junior  
Training events: £2 Senior / £1 Junior
LOST BRIKKES £45 unless the Club Commitee agrees there are special circumstances

20th Apr 13   Read more…

Expenses Form (Excel & pdf)

Form for claiming expenses

Form for claiming expenses

02nd Feb 11   Read more…

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