Redburn, Sunday 27th March 2011

For the first time in quite a few years we held an event at Redburn. It was great to be back at this top quality but tough area...and it was tough..thanks Dan and thanks Clare for organising.

Organisers Report:

Redburn is a great area to be in and with help from the farmer we had the perfect parking space but could do with it being slightly larger (next year?).  The kids and families of the Aboyne Academy teams going to the World Schools event in Italy worked very hard to make this event a success.   Apologies to those who suffered when the second set of brikkes arrived one hour late due to hour change.   Thank you all for being understanding and patient.   Some decided to run without a brikke and are on results as NS.   Finally I had problems setting up Routegadget and so had two Light Green courses up.   So now there is a Redburn updated with all the courses available.  



Simple results   Splits results   RouteGadget

Fixture location


Nearest town: Logie Coldstone, Aboyne

  • Grid Ref: NJ432022
  • Postcode: AB34 5LY
  • Latitude: 57.105580
  • Longitude: -2.938499
  • Google Map - Bing Map


  • Planner: Dan Gooch
  • Organiser: Clare Martin Assistant: Margit Matthews
  • Controller: Doug Guy (GRAMP)


White 1.7 km - TD1 Easy. All on paths.
Yellow 2.2 km - TD2 Easy. Controls on or near paths.
Orange 3.0 km - TD3 Not much climb - Intermediate
Light Green 3.1 km - TD4 Not much climb - Intermediate
Green 4.4 km- TD5 About 100 m climb. Not as physical as Blue and Brown.
Blue 6.1 km- TD5 About 160 m climb - Hard
Brown 7.4 - 7.8 km - TD5 About 200 m climb - Hard
(“TD” = technical difficulty level, as described in British Orienteering guidelines)

General info:

  • Level of event: District (C)
  • JD2C Event: Yes
  • Timing: Emit
  • Organizing club: Maroc
  • Dogs: No dogs on courses - restrained at parking

Entry details:


£7 Senior (Green & above) (£2 discount if BOF member) £2.50 Senior (up to Light Green) £2.50 Junior and Students

Entry: On the day

About the area/map


Mainly open heather covered east facing hillside just south of Logie Coldstone.




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